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At just 55g, the Condor Lightweight Water Bottle boasts a 24g advantage over a standard bottle, and its comparable pricing more than satisfies the £1-per-gram rule by which many weight weenies abide.


The bottle features our contour print, remminding us of the great adventures to be had out on the road or trail.


Our Lightweight Water bottle isn't just about being light, it uses less plastic in its construction too compared to a standard bottle. We developed it with Elite alongside their Elite Fly bottle to ensure the thinner walls hold their shape and spring back nicely after a hard squeeze. Coupled with the impressively high-flow nozzle, the bottle delivers copious amounts of refreshment with minimal effort. The bottle is designed with a wide neck too, so you can add in energy powder, ice cubes or hydro tablets without having to break them up. The BPA-free plastic ensures there is no change to the taste of your water.

Condor Lightweight Water Bottle - Contour Edition

    • Uses less plastic in construction compared to a regular bottle
    • BPA free
    • 500ml bottle weighs 54g
    • Based on the Elite Fly it features a refined compound with more spring, aiding cage retention and avoiding compression from changes of air pressure during high mountain descents
    • The bottle reads 'Since 1948' the year Condor was founded in London by builder and cyclist Monty Young
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