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The latest in Continental's Grand Prix 5000 range, this All Season Reflex TR Road Tyre is more robust, more grippy in the wet and offers better protection against punctures in comparison to the GP5000 S TR. Available in four widths, it's designed to deliver reliable performance throughout the year, making it an excellent choice for the winter bike as well as for putting in the summer miles. 

Four-ply 110tpi sidewalls create a good barrier to damaging debris, the tread rubber is thicker than before, maximising longevity, and a Vectran breaker uses high-tech fibres for exceptional tear resistance. Durability is still balanced well with performance though; this tyre is still fast and the tubeless construction reduces rolling resistance. 

Active Comfort Technology reduces the transfer of road vibrations to the rider, while a Lazer Grip profile, which expands over the tyre's shoulder, improves cornering. Continental has made some small but significant changes to the BlackChilli II Compound, which is now even more grippy, for increased confidence at speed and on wet roads. 

In this Reflex model, a strip of black reflective material through the sidewall maximises visibility.


  • Reflex edition with black reflective material in the sidewalls
  • Tubeless and hookless bead compatible
  • Improve sidewall protection compared to Grand Prix 5000 S TR
  • Improved durability over Grand Prix 5000 S TR
  • Rubber compound formulated for wet weather riding
  • Four-ply 110tpi sidewalls for protection
  • BlackChilli II Compound creates exceptional grip
  • Vectran tyre breaker for extra tear resistance
  • Lazer Grip for improved cornering 
  • Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: 300 grams (700x25c)

Continental GP5000 All Season TR Road Tyre 700c

£99.95 Regular Price
£69.95Sale Price
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