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LITELOK GO Flexi-U, our super lightweight and secure café bike lock, offers maximum locking flexibility and greater reach around fixed objects. The GO Flexi-U is a compact and secure café lock for bikes and e-scooters and is up to 50% of the weight of a traditional D or U lock.

Ideal for e-scooters and bicycles, it is easy to carry whilst on the GO, and provides the lightest, insurance rated flexible security. Flexi-U is the best café bike lock, perfect for worry-free coffee breaks and short stops as well as longer stays in low risk areas.


  • Insurance rated café lock for bicycles and e-scooters
  • Independently accredited: Sold Secure Bicycle Silver and ART 2
  • Available in two sizes: 52cm and 70cm
  • Can be mounted on your bicycle with LITELOK wrapstraps (included)


Winner of the prestigious iF Design Award 2021



  • 1x LITELOK GO Flexi-U

    Or 2 locks if purchasing a twin set.


    2x Unique Keys on a Stainless Steel Keyring

    Remember to make note of your unique key code in order to register your warranty and to enable you to use our key replacement service, should you ever lose your keys.


    2x WrapStraps

    Hook and Loop adjustable straps to mount your GO on your ride or to cinch it to a smaller size for easy packing.

  • Fed up with trying to fit a traditional D or U lock around a lamp post or large object? LITELOK GO bends and flexes allowing more locking options compared to traditional rigid locks, so you can secure your ride wherever you want. 

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