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One of the most popular mudguard sets exclusively available in matt black

The Limited Edition SKS Chromoplastic P35 Mudguards also feature the ASR joint found on the SKS Blumels mudguards. The guards have flexible constructions that sandwich ultra-fine aluminium strips within a plastic coating to make them corrosion-resistant, rigid and robust. As a precaution, SKS has designed the set with the ASR safety system included. If branches get trapped in the spokes, the stays are uncoupled to prevent a wheel jamming. Bottom bracket cutouts make installation possible even with small clearances, and everything is included to mount the guards to your bike.


The mudguards have no sharp edges and are amazingly flexible. The production process involves a fine aluminium foil which is encapsulated within a matris of high performance plastic.


Heavy duty wire cutters may be required to trim the stays to fit your bike as the geometry of the frame varies between bikes.

SKS P35 Chromoplastic Matt Black Mudguards

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