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This ultra long clip-on mudguard set for road bike tyres up to max. 25 mm width protects you, whether you’re riding your road bike in a warm summer rain or on solitary winter trips.


The end of each mudguard extends to below the hub axles. This length ensures a full coverage, meaning you, and also the cyclist behind you, are spared from splashing.


They can be perfectly adapted to the radius of the wheel by adjusting the length of the stays. Once the metal mounting brackets are fitted to the bicycle the mudguards can be clipped on and off in seconds making them ideal in case of need. Brackets attach at brake bolts and skewers.

SKS Raceblade Long Mudguard Set

    • art.No: 11311
    • Color: Black / Silver
    • Weight: 493 (incl. fittings) g
    • Wheel size: 28 " 700C
    • Tyre width: 25 mm
    • Length front fender: 525 + 150 mm
    • length rear fender: 805 + 150 mm
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